Dragstrip Girl (DVD)

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Dragstrip Girl (DVD)

She's eighteen, she's blonde and she's growing up in a world of V8's and dragstrips; where rubber burns fast and youthful dreams can crash-and-burn in seconds.

Louise likes her boys the way she likes her cars, fast and well built. The only problem is that two guys from very different worlds have their eye on her. Unable to choose between Jim, a honest garage mechanic trying to get by the best he can and Fred, a wealthy arrogant brat-packer use to getting whatever he wants, when he wants it, Louise agrees to let the boys race their rods with her affections as the grand prize.

What she doesn't know is that Fred is a hit-and-run killer and he isn't about to let anything or anyone, get in the way of winning.


Edward L. Cahn

Lou Rusoff

Fay Spain, Steven Terrell, John Ashley

Year 1957
Genre CULT
Catalogue Number 198702
Running Time 69 mins
Rating M
Media DVD
Special Features None
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL
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UPC 9333767002422
Release Date N/A
Artist N/A
Title Dragstrip Girl (DVD)
Format DVD
Packaging -
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