Dollar-a-Disk - The Human Tornado (DVD)-sequel to the cult smash Dolemite - Rudy

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The Human Tornado (DVD)

In this sequel to the cult smash Dolemite we find our hero on the run from a redneck sheriff who has caught Dolemite messin' with his woman. He and his posse dodge the sheriff and his bullets in a high-speed chase that takes them to L.A. Upon Dolemite's arrival, he learns the Queen Bee and her Kung Fu Girls have been pushed out of the nightclub business by a ruthless competitor who has ties to the Mob. With two of the girls held hostage, the Queen and her bees are forced into slavery for their nemesis. Enter Dolemite! Following a scene described by Rudy Ray himself as "Sensational and Sexsational" Dolemite gets the low-down on the gang's hideout. It's high-speed kung fu Dolemite-style as the rat soup eatin' motherf***ers get their collective ass kicked. But the redneck sheriff is still hot on Dolemite's trail - can even a Human Tornado fight two battles at once?

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